About Ontario Rabbit


Ontario Rabbit was established in 1964.

Ontario Rabbit’s Mission:

Ontario Rabbit, as a representative and responsive organization, is dedicated to developing a progressive, profitable, high quality rabbit industry through promotion, education, advocacy and industry collaboration.

Ontario Rabbit’s Vision:

To represent Ontario’s rabbit producers with a recognized organization advocating for a stable, profitable and healthy industry through increased communication, consumer awareness and product availability.

Strategic Directions and Goals:

1. Consumer Marketing:  To increase consumer awareness and knowledge in order to increase the per capita consumption of rabbit meat.

2. Producer Programs: To develop and provide education programs, research and industry development initiatives geared at improving the commercial viability of rabbitries, as well as the quality of rabbit produced.

3. Communication: To develop internal and external communication tools for rabbit producers, industry partners, consumers and other stakeholders.

4. Government Relations and Advocacy: To engage government and industry partners in a productive manner in order to effectively advocate for the commercial rabbit sector.

5. Organizational Development: To ensure a strong, responsive and responsible organization through good governance, training, policy development and industry representation.


Ontario Rabbit’s CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS¬† as adopted at the AGM on March 28th, 2015. (click on the blue heading to view)