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Ontario Rabbit AGM 2017~

Saturday, March 4th

Thank you to all who attended and who helped support Ontario Rabbit!

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 Closed!!! Your online comments for the Rabbit Code of Practice are due shortly…. March 31st!!


For immediate release
Draft of Canada’s first rabbit Code of Practice released for public comment….The draft Code and the public comment system are now accessible. ( click on the Code of Practice above)

Pour publication immédiate
Diffusion pour commentaires publics de la version préliminaire du premier Code de pratiques pour les lapins du Canada…..Le code préliminaire et le système de commentaires publics sont maintenant accessibles.



Hopping to it
Researchers begin disease prevention
program for Ontario’s commercial rabbits

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Development of Canada’s first national Code of Practice for Rabbits has begun
(Ottawa) 16 February 2015






Scoring One for Good Reproductive Management
By Maggie Robertson,  OLA Research Coordinator

Because of their rapid reproductive rates, it is essential to carefully monitor doe health and nutritional status.
Nutritional status, which affects doe fertility, can be efficiently measured by assessing a doe’s body condition and assigning it a score on a scale of one (thin) to five (obese).

The new Body Condition Score Chart from Ontario Rabbit, can be found under ” Production Information”.
The Ontario Farm Innovation Program is funded through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.




February 3, 2015 – Phibro Animal Health Corporation is pleased to announce Posistac® 6% is now approved for use as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in weaned and growing rabbits on farms with a confirmed history of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria spp. and to reduce coccidia shedding in weaned and growing rabbits. This new indication will help producers keep their rabbits healthy and free from infection, avoiding the significant health, welfare and economic hardships associated with a coccidiosis outbreak.
Coccidiosis is a disease of the intestinal tract which can affect many species of production animals. In rabbits, the liver and bile ducts can also be affected. Coccidiosis spreads rapidly and in severe cases, leads to devastating death loss.
Posistac 6% is a medicated feed additive also approved for use in swine, cattle and broilers and is the only salinomycin product in Canada labelled for use in multiple species.
According to Michael Foti, Director, Phibro Animal Health Canada: “The addition of rabbits to the label makes Posistac 6% the ideal product for multi-species feed mills who can now streamline feed production in four species – hogs, broilers, cattle and now also rabbits.”
Over the next few months, the packaging will be updated to reflect the new approval.
The Posistac 6% product data sheet is downloadable at www.phibropro.ca  and product is available from Phibro’s Canadian distributor, Bio Agri Mix LP., the largest feed medicant supplier in Canada.
Posistac’s new indication for rabbits results from a co-operative effort between Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and Veterinary Drugs Directorate – Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada. Posistac 6% was approved under the Minor Use-Minor Species program which provides a streamlined approval process for smaller agricultural animal production sectors.
About Phibro
Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a diversified global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of animal health and mineral nutrition products for the use in the production of poultry, swine, beef and dairy cattle and aquaculture. For more information, please visit http://www.pahc.com.